Healing through the power of gemstones

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Bling! Rubys, Rhinestones, and Rubys all make up the latest wave of Bling! People love to shine and sparkle, giving them power and confidence when it comes to their social rings renew wellness recovery. Did you see the very first diamond that was ever presented to your eyes? Remember how your stomach flipped and your face glowed just to see it…when you placed it on your neck you felt even more confident…special…and happy just to have it shining on you!

They were exceptional from the beginning! They were unique, even the distributors! The value of gemstones is higher than ever! Modern medicine and alternative healers are now seeing them in new ways. More evidence is being found that gemstones are capable of healing! You have no reason to put off buying that stunning necklace or bracelet that you saw at the jewelers display last week. There is a perfect reason already in your possession!

Bling is capturing the attention of fashionistas. It has invaded living rooms all across the country and they have become a major medical breakthrough. Even though they may be just starting to have a medical purpose they have been healing people for many centuries.

Gemstone therapy has been recognized by alternative medicine practitioners, acupuncturists, as well as complementary and holistic health professionals. It is now worth more to admire the gorgeous pieces that we love! This treatment is known as an energy medicine. Many modern medicine physicians are skeptical but patients are becoming increasingly tired of drugs and treatments that aren’t working and can have side effects. Glamor is one side effect of the gemstone methods. Professional athletes have found that gemstones can improve healing and their game.

This includes:

Glenn Christiansen, a Swedish Olympic Record Holder has said that Green Tourmaline necklaces are a great choice for other athletes. He stated that the necklace helps to strengthen him and help him recover from training faster.

They have helped athletes involved in such sports as:

Bike Riding
And even marathon runners

Gems are also helpful for actresses such as Uma Thurman, Halley Bartle, and TV actress Bonnie Hunt, who claims that she “feels calmer,” when she is adorned with mother of pearl jewelry. Although most of us don’t look glamorous on the red carpets, we can still feel it with gemstone therapy.

Gemstone therapy has become more popular. It is a healing method that many people use to heal their emotional, spiritual and physical wounds. Michael Katz’s book, Gemstone Energy medicine, describes in greater detail how interconnections of human energy are effected. The energy that gemstones emit heals and transforms energy.

Many alternative and conventional doctors now recognize the benefits of Gem therapy. You can decide whether or not to use gemstone therapy. However, this is changing our view of alternative medicine.

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