The Friends of Billy Dixon Endorse the G-Shock Brand

As friends of Billy Dixon, we may love old rifles and flints, but we nevertheless enjoy the precision of modern arms. And who doesn’t? But, we keep a keen eye on any tech and gear that can help us take our accuracy to the next level. And it’s our pleasure to introduce our latest finding, as a fruitful result of our cooperation with one of our sponsors: the reputable G-Shock watches, and particularly the Rangeman line. In what follows we’re giving you a bit of an introduction on the G-Shocks, in association with Atomic811.

Modern Outdoor Watches Come With Impressive Functions

In the modern world, wristwatches are a lot less common than they used to be. Most of us have different electronic devices that can tell the time along with a host of other functions. For active folks who spend time in the great outdoors — especially those who love challenging sports — a tough, capable watch is still invaluable, though.

Travelers, hikers, surfers, skiers, and all other sorts of outdoors enthusiasts like to have a durable timepiece that can do more than tell them the time, though. Modern watches can provide a whole host of different functions. Examples include thermometers, barometers, altimeters, compasses, tide tables, stopwatch functions, alarms, and even GPS navigation. Today a watch with the right functions can make the difference between getting lost and having fun.

One prime example of such a versatile watch is Casio’s venerable G-Shock line. Casio makes G-Shocks with a wide range of different options, and different models come with different sets of features. For individuals who know that they’ll be left to their own devices and forced to find their way in a wilderness setting, a G-Shock with a compass function makes a great deal of sense. Even dedicated hikers who have a preferred primary compass will appreciate having a backup incorporated into their watch.

The entire G-Shock range is designed for flawless performance under the toughest conditions. The watches have thick bezels and recessed display faces to resist scratching and damage, and every G-shock is water resistant to at least 200 meters.

G-Shocks that offer you compass functions include many models in the Gulfmaster, Rangeman, Mudman, and Aviation series. Higher-end models usually have a radio receiver to keep their time synchronized with a number of highly accurate global transmitters. Many Casio compass watches even have a solar power cell for long term maintenance-free operation. (This particular feature is practically exclusive to Casio compass watches.) Even those that lack solar power typically offer a reliable two-year battery life.

Like most compass watches, Casio’s G-Shocks are classified according to the number of sensors they have. Two-sensor watches feature a thermometer along with a compass. Pricier, more fully-featured models will be advertised as three-sensor timepieces. These watches will give you compass directions, temperatures, barometric pressures, and altitudes. They’re “three sensor” watches rather than “four sensor” watches because they actually derive their altitude measurements from barometric readings. Another common name for these wristwatches are “ABC watches,” where ABC stands for altimeter, barometer, compass.

Although they are rightly beloved by all kinds of outdoor athletes and travelers, most sensible compass watch users exercise a little healthy skepticism when it comes to the data these watches deliver. They are highly useful as general guides to the characteristics they measure, but they shouldn’t be considered as authoritative for tracking information beyond the time. People with a keen interest in accurate readings for temperature, altitude, and barometric pressure (e.g. scientists) tend to use more dedicated, sensitive equipment.

If you’re looking for a reliable watch that can help you find your way to hunting lodge when all you know is it’s “somewhere west of here,” though, an ABC watch like one of Casio’s G-Shocks can definitely help you out! There’s definitely a reason these tough, durable watches have become common sights on hiking trails and ski slopes all over the world.